CAPA Today

Today, our works consists of collaborating with local Chicago as well as national organizations in order to form a more cohesive peace and social justice and environmental movement. CAPA’s mission is to educate and activate the public on issues from nuclear disarmament to climate change.

The group focuses on 6 major topics:

  • Global Climate Change
  • Nuclear Arms – Nonproliferation & Abolition
  • Military Spending
  • U.S. in Conflict
  • U.S. Foreign Policy
  • Social Justice

We are fortunate to share the guidance and resources of national Peace Action and it's excellent staff.

We have an active, committed Board of Directors.

Board Members
David Borris: President
Marcia Bernsten: Secretary

Catherine Buntin
Martha Cray
Nancy Cusack
Aaron Dellutri
Pat Hunt
Jack Kelly
Michael Lynn
Dick Tholin

Communications and Outreach Coordinator
Roxane Assaf

To contact us email:

The Issues: Nuclear Energy

There are unmistakable and dangerous links between nuclear weapons and commercial nuclear power.

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