Resist, Unify, Build

 The Next Four Years Start Now

Concerned about our democracy, prospects for peace, the upholding of civil rights and our social safety net under the new administration? Chicago Area Peace Action is organizing this major post-inaugural convening to help all of us understand what's at stake and what we can do about it.

Choose among three breakout groups, co-sponsored by local organizations including AFSC, Tzedek Chicago, Citizens Climate Lobby, and Friends Committee on National Legislation:

1. Militarism, Nuclear Proliferation, and Foreign Policy
2. Climate Justice: Global, national, and local levels
3. Radical Solidarity: Resisting forces of division over immigration, deportations, Islamophobia, racism, homophobia.

Bernie Sanders' campaign ignited a widespread hope that our corrupted democracy, where money and power rule, could be taken back and transformed into a society based on the welfare of all. For many of us, it was the first time our values and needs were made front and center. We were elevated and inspired by a common agenda of fairness and justice.

"Resist, Unify, Build" will occur on Sunday January 22nd at the Irish American Heritage Center, 4626 N Knox Ave, Chicago, IL 60630. The convening will start at 1 PM and and at 4 PM.

Thanks To All For A Successful Dinner!
Gail Schechter (right) introduces moderator Jerome McDonnell (left) while speaker John Nichols (center) looks on. Speaker Mariame Kaba is not pictured. Image is from the Chicago Tribune.
Thanks to all who came out! "Radical solidarity" and not marginalization by race, class, geography or even issue area must be the order of the day: this was the overall message from activist Mariame Kaba and journalist John Nichols (with moderator Jerome McDonnell).
We are grateful to the record crowd exceeding 200 who attended our dinner Saturday Nov. 19th! All were clearly moved and energized. Stay tuned for our post-inauguration gathering in January!  
[In order to read a journalistic account of the dinner, click on this link or on the image above.]
[In order to listen to a full audio recording of the dinner, including the audience Q & A session, click on this link. Audio recording thanks to Dale Lehman of]
-- Chicago Area Peace Action board
CAPA Board President David Borris opens the dinner with a speech about the meaning of the election of Donald Trump.

Introducing Our New Website and Re-Energized Mission

Tracing our origins back to the nuclear freeze movement of the 70s, Chicago Area Peace Action (CAPA) has grown and evolved to confront a much more complicated and dangerous world in the 21st century. Realizing that the methods and even the goals of the past are inadequate for a planet facing the existential threats of nuclear weapons and climate disruptions, we strive for a deeper understanding of global forces and effective methods of building a more humane and just society. We must mitigate the climate crisis by moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. CAPA supports policies that break with the monopolistic energy structures of today. The opportunities for bold changes must be grasped by an informed electorate.

We don’t simply advocate for less military spending and the elimination of nuclear weapons; we strive to facilitate the construction of a world that has need for neither. We understand that seeking a world free of conflict involves building a world much more free of injustice and inequality. The magnitude of the converging crises that threaten to overwhelm us doesn’t allow us the luxury of continuing our work separately in each of our individual issue silos. We strive to build that space where the peace movement and all the various movements for social, economic, racial, and climate justice can find common ground. 

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