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The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement and the continuing fight for economic justice is ripe with opportunities for the peace movement to be engaged, on the move and focusing attention on the impact of militarism on the federal budget.


In the next day or two, we will have a new resource page on Peace Action’s website, with how-tos and down loadable materials which your local contact info can be added. 

The OWS actions are great places for literature distributions. PA affiliates in a number of cities are signing up to do teach-ins at the Occupations on cutting military spending to fund our communities.

Super Committee information and materials for the continuing pressure campaign will also be included.


Peace Action is a member organization of the Rebuild the Dream movement. The Dream movement involves community and labor unions. They are projecting a series of local events to build pressure on Congress as the Super Committee continues to grind forward in their deliberations.

Today the Super Committee held a public hearing. The surge of military spending and its impact on the economy got quite an airing! So we have to keep up the pressure and the local actions described below are part of that effort.

 1. November 9 National Teach-in Day – How the 1% Crashed the Economy (And What the 99% Can Do About It)

The Occupy Wall Street movement has struck a chord with millions of Americans. For the first time in a long time, we’re having a national conversation about why 1% of the country is doing so well, while 99% get squeezed.  To deepen this conversation, The Rebuild the Dream Movement is asking member groups to  organize a national round of teach-ins on Nov 9th. 

It is an opportunity for Peace Action’s affiliates and chapters to do teach-ins in every library, community center and living room across the country. This is part of a  build-up toward a Nov 17 National Day of Action of the American Dream Movement.  

These teach-ins could be a great way to engage a broader audience and bring them into our movement–but that will happen only if we all take part.  If your affiliate or chapter is interested in hosting a teach-in, please post it here: www.actionhub.org/create.

2.     November 17 – National Day of Action for the 99%

Rallying millions of people to speak out on the jobs crisis in our country – this national day of action will create a dramatic crescendo just prior to anticipated action by the Super Committee.    

A broad array of national, state and local organizations will be joining with activists and occupiers in their communities to speak out for the 99% … for jobs, for justice, for cutting military spending & ending the war and for making Wall Street pay. 

 Actions initiated by the labor movement at hundreds of bridges and other sites across the country will draw attention to the sorry state of America’s infrastructure and the need to make job creation our national priority. As soon as we get the list of bridges we will send it on to you.

Solidarity marches, community events and online actions will all bring the 99% together around the demand for jobs not cuts, jobs not wars, books, not bombs and making wall street pay.     

As we get information about the national plans we will pass it on. If you are already working with MoveOn.org in your area, you will also get more info there. 

Take care,

Judith Le Blanc

Field Director
Peace Action & Peace Action Education Fund
Cell 917.806.8775
Skype jleblanc12
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