The Issues : Climate Change

There is no longer any serious scientific debate about either climate change or the anthropogenic sources driving it. Not only is climate change real, the effects are already upon us. From rapid melting and collapse in the globe’s great ice caps and glaciers to a rapid increase in extreme weather events everywhere, the signs are unmistakable. Scientists tell us we have only a decade or less to begin making deep reductions in our emissions  of greenhouse gases or face a future on a planet far different than the one upon which life evolved and to which it is adapted. Yet emissions continue to rise, with 2011 setting an all-time record.

Chicago Area Peace Action views the threat posed by climate change as an existential one. Much like nuclear weapons, climate change threatens all the world’s nations. Future conflicts promise to be driven less by religion or ideology and more by issues related to climate change: food and water scarcity, mass refugee migration spurred by ecological disasters and the competition for dwindling hydrocarbon resources. As such, Chicago Area Peace Action believes rapid progress in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is essential to its mission to help create a more peaceful world.

The Issues: Social Justice

No Justice. No Peace.

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