The Issues : Military Spending

Total military (or national security) spending in the United States for 2011 will be $895 billion, or close to 24% of the total US federal budget. The U.S. defense budget is now equal to the total of military spending in all other countries combined. Since 2011, military and security expenditures have increased 119%. Even after the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are subtracted, the defense budget has swelled by 68% since 2001. We are recommending a real reduction of $960 billion dollars over the next ten years which is consistent with the recommendations of the Military Spending Commission that was appointed by Representative Barney Frank last year. (Read more)

The Center for American Progress writes an alternate United Security Budget each year and they have also identified $61 billion in cuts to military programs that could be made “with no sacrifice to our security”. These cuts coupled with the reduced spending as the wars wind down in Iraq and Afghanistan would result in at least $125 billion reduction per year over the next three years.

We further recommend that an independent commission be appointed to reach consensus on the specific cuts in the military without compromising our security.

The Issues: U.S. Foreign Policy

On issues concerning Iran, Syria, Israel-Palestine, Egypt and other parts of the world that emerge as urgently critical to world peace, U.S. foreign policy weighs heavily. Public opinion counts.

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