No to Indiscriminate Sanctions, No to War with Iran

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Under current Iran sanctions, Iranian Americans who send money to family in Iran can end up in jail.  Travelling by plane in Iran is deadly, with over 1,000 plane crash deaths in the past decade.

But now, Congress and the President have promised to make these broad sanctions even worse and punish Iranians and Iranian Americans for the actions of the Iranian regime.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee took the first step to pass broad Iran sanctions (H.R.1905) that will target Iranian passenger planes, press for central bank sanctions, and make diplomacy illegal.

One of the bill’s top supporters, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA), says, “Critics [of the sanctions] argued that these measures will hurt the Iranian people.  Quite frankly, we need to do just that.”

The Senate is considering its own draconian sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran aiming to “collapse the Iranian economy,” and turn Iran into Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) says his plan is to cause so much suffering among ordinary Iranians that they will be forced to rise up against the regime.  And if that doesn’t work, we will go to war with Iran.

This is the same approach that was taken against Iraq that helped kill half a million Iraqis under a decade of suffocating sanctions.  It failed to displace Iraq’s brutal dictatorship and ultimately ended in devastating war.  This strategy is not an alternative to war, it brings us closer to war.

You can stop this.  Tell Congress and the President to stop punishing ordinary people for the actions of the Iranian regime.  Send your message to Congress and the President: no more indiscriminate sanctions that are hurting ordinary Iranians and Iranian Americans, no war with Iran.

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