The Issues : Nuclear Arms Nonproliferation & Abolition

The possibility of nuclear abolition is at stake in the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).  It has been ratified by 174 nations but not by the United States. Without U. S. ratification, the CTBT cannot move forward and other nations will begin to back away from reducing their weapons or develop nuclear weapons for the first time.  Ratification requires 67 votes in the U. S. Congress.

The CTBT has faded out of the public view and has not even been discussed in the Congress since the success of the START agreement of the U. S. and Russia last December. In May the Under Secretary of State for Arms Control claimed that the Obama administration will soon begin to work with leaders of the Congress and to strongly address the public to support ratification. It is crucial that we generate public pressure on them to do all of this seriously.

Stay with this spot where the national office of Peace Action will soon provide a detailed analysis of the complicated dynamics of the struggle and provide ways in which can organize and participate in education and action, locally and nationally.

The Issues: Nuclear Arms Nonproliferation & Abolition

It’s not enough to work for nonproliferation. We work for disarmament and abolition.

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