Stunning Numbers: Your Taxes Are “Off to War”

Posted on by Roxane Assaf
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“Our Taxes are Off to War — 2012 Edition”  by Randy Schutt for Daily Kos

A note from the author:

Adjusted for inflation, the current military budget of $716.3 billion is 69% higher than the level in FY2000. Even if the Afghanistan War winds down and President Obama’s proposed cuts are implemented, the military budget in FY2017 will still be 28% higher than in FY2000.
This diary, with simple graphics and reference links for every fact, also shows how much of the discretionary budget (the part allocated by Congress and the President each year) goes to the military (52%), shows the high level of military spending now compared to any time since World War II, discusses the role of the Military-Industrial-Media-Congress Complex in maintaining this high level of spending, explores how to achieve real security, points out that the people-power revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt last year offer a more ethical and democratic way to topple repressive regimes, and provides a number of resources, including 6 things readers can do bring about change.
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“Our Taxes are Off to War — 2012 Edition”
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  1. Jumadi says:

    It’s true that Military spending is not the real/primary reosan for US being a superpower. Rather the underlying core reosan is innovation, and today it’s technological and cs innovation. It started with innovation required for rapid expansion to explore and develop America from the original colonies to the acquisition of the Louisiana Territory and eventually the West Coast. A land rich in resources, providing a foundation for the growth of a new nation. Greatest comes not out of strength in war. It was the values of a truly democratic society that attracted the masses of diverse people seeking the freedom and independence. Values that we so easily take for granted today. Those free people, able to strive for improvement in their own lives are the source of innovation and creativity.One major catalyst to technological innovation came from the space exploration. JF Kennedy spurred the nation and set the US on a race to the moon, resulting in major advances in materials science, engineering and computer science. Today, as manufacturing and labor-intensive industries move to former 3rd world countries, the US maintains its economic and superpower status from the innovation of high-tech industries. Those at the forefront of technology are the future of our society in the US.

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