Your Representative May Unwittingly Sabotage Diplomacy with Iran–Contact Them Today!

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As early as next Tuesday, the House is expected to consider a new round of broad, indiscriminate sanctions against Iran. This time, however, there is a special surprise concealed in the bill’s depths: a provision which would restrict contact, both official and unofficial, between US government employees and Iranian officials who “present a threat to the United States” or are affiliated with terrorist organizations.

This provision, if enacted, would undermine present and future US efforts to diplomatically resolve outstanding issues not only over Iran’s nuclear program but also the conflict in Afghanistan. Worst of all, the bill has 358 cosponsors—and many of them don’t even know that they’re supporting such a measure.

Your Representative may unwittingly sabotage the possibility of a diplomatic solution with Iran unless they hear from you! Email your member of Congress today and tell them: don’t undermine diplomacy with Iran—vote “no” on HR 1905, the “Iran Threat Reduction Act.”

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